Monday, February 6, 2017

Digital Citizenship: Activity 2 Dangers in Cyberspace - my digital footprint

Let's ask ourselves the following question before watching the following video
What is Digital Footprint?

Alternatively, you may click HERE to view the clip.

Reflection Question 2
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(a) Reflect on the imminent dangers presented in the video.

(b) Why do you think many people are ignorant of such dangers?

(c) What do you think should be done to make people aware of these dangers?


  1. a) posts that we do not think too much about stays on the internet forever.
    b) they think that they can just press delete and it would be gone forever.
    c) spread awareness

  2. a) Circulation of private messages or images.
    b) They think that they are anonymous.
    c) We should show them the video to educate them.

  3. (a) Stuff that we do online can be captured and used against us.
    (b) They do not think of the consequences and feel that what they do is fun.
    (c) We can have posters and advertisements on incidents to show that these things happen.

  4. a)people could find you and blackmail you
    b)they don't use incognito and vpn
    c)create an app

  5. Strangers might know who are you and what are you.
    They at that moment, forgotten or have not been thought about it.
    They should be thought about this and spread the word

  6. a) Things we do online can be tracked.
    b) They think they won't be involved in it.

  7. a)Leaving footprint
    b)They dont think that such things may happen to them
    c)Post ads about this kind of stuff around the internet

  8. a) Post can and will stay on the internet forever
    b) Because they are clueless and think that it will just disappear
    c) Do not post stuff that you might regret next time

  9. (a)Leaving digital footprint.
    (b)They are not aware of their digital footprint
    (c)websites can put up alerts or notifications about digital footprint.

  10. (a) Things we do can be recorded.
    (b) They do not know how serious the consequence is.
    (c) Spread awareness through different ways.

  11. (a) The imminent dangers presented in the video is that there were tracking of the websites that you go to.
    (b) I think people are ignorant of these dangers due to them not thinking that they will not be targeted.
    (c) We should do a fake on them to pretend like they are being targeted to warn them.

  12. (a) Whatever we do and post online can be tracked and posted anywhere and it can spread very fast

    (b) They are not aware of the possible dangers and sometimes they are impulsive

    (c) More people should be informed of the dangers online by setting up more campaigns

  13. Just by going on to a website, a digital footprint is automatically created, which is PERMANENT and CANNOT BE ERASED. Such so, everyone can see it. Many people are ignorant of such things as they believe by just clearing their cookies.

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  15. (a) Digital Footprint
    (b) They priorities their interest before safety
    (c) Online warning messages

  16. (a) The imminent dangers are that people can track sensitive information like bank accounts and passwords
    (b) They think that by clearing their history, they can erase all evidence.
    (c) There should be more campaigns to let the world be aware of these dangers.

  17. a)posts can be traced and is forever there
    b)They didn't take it very seriously,they feel that it doesn't affect them
    c)Spread awareness by putting poster and make video

  18. (a) Anything that we do online can be traced, such as our credit card number.
    (b) People are too addicted to their activities or people don't even know of such dangers
    (c) Put it on social media to let people know of it

  19. a) what we may not want people to know may spread on the internet
    b) they are unaware that people may not know even strangers can see
    c) do not post personal stuff


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