Monday, February 6, 2017

Digital Citizenship: Activity 1 What it means to be Digital Citizens?

SST Character Education & Digital Citizenship Programme
6 February 2017
Me, Myself & My Cyber Persona

This video is about a young girl who is chatting to a man she does not know. The man asks her to meet him and she does. She really likes the man and thinks he makes her feel special! but is that really the truth?

Alternatively, you may click HERE to view the clip.

Reflection Question 1
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(a) What are the cyber dangers presented in the scenario? 

(b) Why do you think she succumbed so easily to the temptations that eventually led her to be a victim? 

(c) Why is it so easy to assume a different persona online? 


  1. a) not knowing who you are actually talking to
    b) she was bored
    c) they may tell you that they are a girl but they may be a boy in real life

  2. a) The girl could have been kidnapped or blackmailed.
    b) She could have thought that the guy was very nice or she could have been offered something
    c) No one knows who is behind the screen

  3. Meeting someone from online, a stranger, in real life.
    She did not know what are the dangers on social media and meeting them in real life.
    They post a fake picture and persuade people to think that they are who they see in the profile picture

  4. (a) Some of the cyber dangers in the scenario include extortion, risk of being kidnapped, and stranger danger.

    (b) She was manipulated by the cyber predator as he was pretending to have feelings for her, when he in reality he had plans to follow her into her home or possibly kidnap her.

    (c) You don't have to put much of your real life information when setting up an account for social media. Therefore you can put a fake name and profile picture to trick someone.

  5. (a)I think she trusted the wrong person.
    (b)The person succeeded in gaining her trust and she believed that he was a friend.
    (c) You can be selective about what people see in your life.

  6. a) The cyber dangers present are: sexual predators, stranger danger
    b) The attacker told her comments that made her feel good about herself
    c) Because we are hidden behind a profile and picture that can be managed the user anytime furthermore we can use a fake identity to mask our own real identity

  7. a)To trust someone that you dont even know
    b)The person kept complimenting her
    c)They can lie about their true identity

  8. a) The cyber dangers is a victim of blackmail.
    b) I think she succumbed easily into temptations as she did not think through her actions.
    c) It is because people can be seen as anonymous and can have fake names and images.

  9. a) Meeting strangers online
    b) She was lonely
    c) No one can see or hear your voice or face and your name online won't be your real name

  10. (a) The cyber dangers were blackmail.
    (b) She might have thought that the man was a very nice guy and thought that it was innocent.
    (c) No one knows who it is.

  11. a)She communicated with someone online that she have never met up with.
    b)The person managed to get her trust
    c)We cannot see the true face of the person and the person can pretend to be someone else that they are not.

  12. a)she could have been kidnapped,blackmailed or raped
    b)Cause she is naive
    c)cause you cannot see their facial expressions and their tone of voice

  13. (a) The girl may get scammed or blackmailed.
    (b) She trusted the guy and did not think about the consequences.
    (c) They can put fake names to cover their true identities.

  14. (a) Chatting with someone we do not know online and not knowing what they will do.
    (b) She found the person attractive as she kept getting complimented
    (c) No one knows how a person looks behind the profile picture

  15. a)Stranger danger.
    b)She thought the person she was talking to was a friendly person and she was bored.
    c) You can just type on the keyboard and you can assume a different personality.

  16. (a) The girl could have been kidnapped.
    (b) She may not have been given enough attention in real life.
    (c) People can put fake photos as their profile and write nice stuff.

  17. (a) The cyber dangers presented in the film is sex scam.
    (b) Because she's curious or tempted to find out who the person is.
    (c) Because it is easy to post something that is misleading to their personal self.

  18. a)It is a stranger
    b)She thought that the person was good
    c)People can write fake details and put fake pictures

  19. (a)Stranger Danger

    (b)She might have met an extremely persuasive and charismatic man so she trusted without any second thinking

    (c)Because everyone is using different names and profile pictures so it is really hard to tell

  20. Pedophiliac people, and sexual scammers on the internet, may use your arrogant mindset as an advantage to get something to blackmail you or, rape you.
    Her mindset of "good looking guys" *cough *cough allows her to be lured in easily 😰
    The internet has a huge image database with billions of photos, not only, just as soon as someone wants to create a fake persona to lure peeps, they can do that while authorities can maybe not even know who is the real guy.

  21. a) The cyber dangers presented are strangers that are trying to con you.
    b) She was lonely.
    c) It is very hard to find out who it is using the social media account.


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